When Arlene Valdez founded Expedited Trans in Miami, Florida in 2012, she knew she wanted to create a different kind of motor carrier business — one focused on honesty, integrity, and personal relationships. She started out with 10 trucks and one question: How can we bring the best value to customers while remaining true to our core company values?

Since then, Expedited Trans has grown its fleet of tractors running high-value, time sensitive shipments across the country, and continues to expand its committed group of contracted team drivers who make it happen. In the office is a 24/7 operations team who work to ensure loads are delivered on time, every time.  


Arlene Valdez


Arlene Valdez founded Blue Dolphin Transport Inc. (DBA Expedited Trans) in 2012 after years of working in the trucking industry. As president, she oversees operations and compliance, ensuring deliveries happen safely and securely. She also uses her previous experience in banking administration to head up Expedited Trans’s accounting department. Since becoming a member of the Women in Trucking organization, her goal is to achieve growth as a successful businesswoman in the trucking industry, continue her commitment to safety, provide the best customer service, and foster more employment opportunities to women in all positions within Expedited Trans.

Jerry Velasquez


Jerry Velasquez got his start in logistics during college by procuring construction equipment around the country for his father’s civil engineering firm. After shipping the equipment and getting to know the trucking business, Jerry bought his own truck and drove for a year before starting his first trucking company in 2008. He joined Expedited Trans in 2012. As chief operating officer, he oversees client and fleet management, and you can often find him on the phone with both customers and drivers, ensuring on-time deliveries and customer and driver satisfaction.

Alejandro Garcia


Alejandro Garcia joined Expedited Trans in 2018 as the company’s general manager, focused on recruiting and retaining team drivers. His goal is to treat drivers with respect, understand their concerns on the road, and keep their trust. Prior to joining the company, he worked as a logistics manager for a large consumer goods manufacturer in Venezuela. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from Universidad Metropolitana and an MBA from the Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Administracion.

Our Mission

At Expedited Trans, we are relentlessly driven to provide the best ground-based expedited shipping services for high-value, time-sensitive deliveries. Our dedicated staff and fleet of team drivers deliver your goods safely, securely, and on-time, coast-to-coast, 24/7, because we are driven to get it right, every time.

“Our goal is to provide better service at a better value while remaining committed to the safety and happiness of our drivers and staff.”

Arlene Valdez, President

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