Q and A: General Manager Alejandro Garcia

Alejandro Garcia joined Expedited Trans in 2018 as the company’s new general manager, focused on recruiting and retaining team drivers. He sat down recently to discuss working for the company, and how he connects with drivers to ensure they feel part of the family.

Tell me what it’s like to work for Expedited Trans. How is it different than other companies?

The environment. Everyone here is a family, and both Arlene (the president) and Jerry (chief operating officer) have open doors. They take time to listen. This can be a difficult business, but they manage the company in the right way, according to their values. The company is growing, which is a good opportunity for everyone working here. The company is also always improving, always looking for better ways to do things.

You are the company’s general manager. What does that mean? What do you do for drivers?

First, I am the very first face drivers see when they come here. I explain what it’s like to work for the company – how we work, how we pay, what benefits they get. I try to be very respectful and honest with drivers. I want them to know I am a trustworthy person, and to let them know that this company has integrity. Drivers tell me that when they come here, this is the first time they have been treated with respect.

Then, when drivers are on the road, if they have a problem, I am the one to help them. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to. They are often on the road for long stretches, and it can be stressful. I listen to them, I talk to them. Whatever their needs are, I always find a way to help them, or to explain to them why things are how they are.

I also call or send them text messages on holidays and their birthdays. I just want them to know that someone is taking care of them.

Why should drivers drive for Expedited Trans?

Our rate is very competitive in the market, and we guarantee miles. We also have 24/7 support. If a driver needs something, they can just call, and someone will always answer the phone. Drivers also like our newer trucks and trailers, and the things we offer that go with them, like the PrePass Elite that allows them to bypass scales. They also love that we give cash advances. Even though we are a smaller company, we offer these things to drivers. It saves time, and drivers like it.